Turntable Wrapping Equipment — Advice For Beginners Using It For The First Time

Turntable Wrapping Equipment — Advice For Beginners Using It For The First Time

27 February 2023
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Turntable wrapping equipment lets companies quickly secure stretch wrap to boxes on pallets, keeping them in place. If you just bought one of these machines and are using it for the first time, here are some guidelines to follow as a beginner operator.

Set up the Wrapping Machine Correctly 

How you're able to use a turntable wrapping machine around your work environment will be predicated on how it's initially set up. For this reason, you want to follow the right installation protocols for this wrapping machine. There are a couple of things to focus on in particular.

The first is where this turntable wrapping system will be set up. You want to ideally choose an open space with a stable, even surface. Then the wrapper will be able to perform great long-term. You also want to make sure the turntable wrapping machine is close to an outlet so that you don't have to use extension cords that could create safety hazards around the machinery.

Work within the Platform's Limits

Every turntable wrapping machine will have a platform that's used to support boxes and pallets. This platform is designed to support a certain amount of weight. If you know what this weight capacity is and always respect it, you'll avoid overloading the machine.

The wrapping equipment's platform will rotate smoothly while the stretch wrap is secured around boxes and pallets. Make sure all of your operators know about this weight capacity too, so that you don't have accidents or equipment failure to worry about. 

Add Guardrails Around Machine for Added Safety 

If you want to ensure a turntable wrapping machine remains safe to use over the years, then one of the best things you can do is set up guardrails around it. Then you'll create a protective barrier that will ensure people don't get too close to the wrapper as it runs.

That's going to drastically reduce accidents and give all of your workers more confidence when around the machinery. You just want to make sure these guardrails are durable and big enough to border your turntable wrapping machine appropriately.

Turntable wrapping equipment is something companies often use to secure boxes to pallets in a refined, efficient manner. If you have one and are new to using it, make sure you review this machine's makeup and understand how you can use it safely. Then you'll get the most out of this equipment early on. 

If you have yet to buy turntable wrapping equipment and would like to know more, you can reach out to a supplier.

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