How To Prepare Your Items For Shipping

How To Prepare Your Items For Shipping

30 August 2019
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When you need to ship your product long-distance, freight shipping can be the most economical option. In order to have your packages picked up by freight carriers, you'll need to stack them onto pallets. Pallet shipping is more efficient and affordable than standard shipping using the U.S. Postal Service. Make sure your packages all arrive in one piece by following these best shipping practices:

1. Make sure your pallets are undamaged.

Store your pallets carefully when they're not in use. Pallets will show signs of wear over time, but you can slow the process by keeping them out of the elements. Store your pallets in a cool, dry place and inspect them before loading your merchandise onto them. A damaged pallet may buckle or break during shipping, and this can cause your merchandise to spill. Use only undamaged pallets for the best results.

2. Use secure packaging.

The way you package your individual products matters. The freight shipping company you choose will do their best to keep your pallet safe, but your shipment may be exposed to a minor amount of snow or rain during the shipping process. Make sure you place your products in boxes that can protect it. Choose square or rectangular packages that can stack easily.

3. Load your pallet effectively.

Before your products leave your warehouse, you'll need to load them onto pallets. Make sure to load the pallet properly. Try not to leave empty space while stacking boxes, since these spaces can cause your things to shift and loosen during shipping. Maximize your space by slotting packages together tightly. Try to place the heaviest boxes on the bottom, where they won't crush your more delicate merchandise. Distribute the weight evenly along the pallet if possible, since this will make your pallet less likely to tip over during shipping.

4. Wrap your pallet well.

Wrapping your pallet will ensure everything stays exactly where you put it. The freight shipping company will use a forklift to load your pallet onto and off of the truck, and pallet wrappers will prevent anything from falling off in transit. You can purchase pallet wrappers designed exclusively for this purpose. Pallet wrappers usually look like cling film, but they come in larger sheets and are more durable. It's easy to apply pallet wrappers with the help of a fellow employee. All you need to do is pull the wrapper snug around your boxes. Make sure to wrap everything equally and use multiple layers for extra strength.

For more information about using pallets or to find pallet wrappers for sale, consult a shipping or packaging resource in your area.

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